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Tuesday 29th March 2022 - Downturn, And Finally - A Fond Farewell and Our Shows

There are times when I wish the weather forecast was not correct, but in the case of the predicted downturn on Sunday, leaving sun and blue skies for grey conditions, it was accurate. The temperature has dropped and on Sunday and Monday we spent most of the day in a sea fret, although things did brighten a bit in the afternoons. On the plus side, the cooler conditions have benefited the spring flowers, particularly the daffodils which soon go over the top and dry back in warm weather. One of my favourite spring bulbs are hyancinths. First giving us pleasure when they bloom indoors and then after planting out in the garden they continue to provide colour and fragrance in the years to come. Today’s photo is of a group which I describe as being ‘in the pink’ and whose heady perfume I have appreciated when pegging out the washing.

On the 31st March, Overstrand WI will be closing. Member, Nancy, has written a tribute poem ‘And Finally – A Fond Farewell' which can be accessed from the W.I. page on my website. Sad, yes, but members will remember and look back on all the good times; our trips out, walks, strawberry teas, Christmas celebrations, our 'crafty' August meetings, amazing speakers, fish and chip suppers, organising and preparing celebratory teas for senior members of the village, garden parties, quizzes, discussing resolutions and generally having a darn good time with lots of laughs.

I see that Poppyland Radio have expanded the page on their website titled, ‘Our Shows’. Although it is easy to see from the title what will be the content of most of the programmes however, some need an explanation, which is what this page provides as well as a piece about each presenter. There is a special feature this week, with village author Laurence Staig reading one of his short stories each day. These are broadcast early afternoon and once uploaded, should be available to listen to again from their ‘On Demand’ page.


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