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Janet's Videos

Inspired by vloggers (video loggers) who upload their videos, covering different aspects of their lives, onto YouTube, I thought I would do something similar.  Never having done anything like this before, it's been quite a learning curve.  I am gradually picking up tips from other vloggers and getting to grips with the editing software. 


Here is the link to my channel (now that sounds a bit grand, having my own channel!) OverstrandLife.  There are links to each of my vlogs, below.  I will be varying the contents of each video, sometimes putting more than one into a vlog.

If you would like to be notified, when my vlogs are published, please click on the 'Subscribe' button on YouTube and if you enjoyed the video, give it a like.  Thank you.

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Spring 2024

My first vlog, including two contrasting walks along the promenade and our visit to Natural Surroundings (on the Bayfield Estate, not far from Holt).

Janet's Recipe using Broad Beans

I enjoy cooking, especially with seasonal fresh produce. Now broad beans, are in season, I thought I would share

with you, my recipe for

Broad Beans with Yoghurt and Dill.

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Frets, Footpaths & Yarn Bombing

As the title suggests, this vlog covers several aspects of Overstrand. My vlog contains various snippets of information, plus what is best described as a myth or legend.

Verges & Hedgerows

Normally in June, we would be walking along footpaths and field edges, taking in birdsong and observing the wild flowers. However, this year, the first half

of the month has been windy,

wet and quite often cold.

Car Boot & Bank Holiday

23rd May saw the first car boot sale of the season in Overstrand.

Our family visited for the Bank Holiday weekend. With two lively grandsons to amuse and occupy, we went to various local attractions.

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