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Overstrand wi

Nancy's Poem for 2022, titled -
And Finally - A Fond Farewell
(to Overstrand W.I.) founded in 1983.

Now, knowing that the sands of time

Have run out, at long last.

We'll amble off down memory lane

And ponder all our past.

You may recall so many times when we have met together -

In Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring

In every kind of weather.

Most times were in the Parish Hall, which served our purpose well -

A long, thin multipurpose space -

Such tales those walls could tell.....

Now we're too small to carry on; our little W.I.

Is packing up its assets.  It's time to say goodbye.

We've heard all kinds of speakers

In almost 40 years, some free, some rather costly.

Some made us prick our ears!

Some others spoke quite audibly

When they stood up to tell us of their chosen subject -

Some did it very well.

Some speakers - over all those years

Have held us in their thrall.

Some, well - prepared - some not so good.

One couldn't find the hall.

Our journeys been a lengthy one of almost 40 years.

These have been largely happy times.

We don't subscribe to tears.

So now we'll go our separate ways

Now W.I.'s journey's done.

My hope is that we won't lose touch,

And sometimes meet FOR FUN.

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