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Thursday 23rd May 2024 - First Car Boots, Delia's Lemon Cheesecake and Open Promenade

Updated: May 31

Today saw the first car boot sale of the season.  Usually, the sellers are a bit thin on the ground for the first couple of weeks but there was a good turnout which will probably be quadrupled when we get into July.  The stalls ranged from clothing, bric-a-brac, household items, furniture, plants, garden equipment, wood, cd’s, books, ironmongery etc. plus refreshments were on sale from the pavilion.  I took a few videos to add to my next vlog and also bought some trays of bedding begonias.


Back home I made a lemon cheesecake to eat tomorrow, when the first members of our family arrive for the weekend.  I used one of Delia Smith’s recipes which I have not tried before.  An easy recipe with, apart from melting some butter and gelatine, no real cooking involved.  What it did necessitate was, the use of a number of kitchen utensils and implements – whisk, liquidiser, jug, four bowls, grater, juicer, two pans, spatula, mug, scales and various knives and spoons.  I have a small kitchen so I had to juggle space for preparation and items waiting to be washed up.  Being a Delia recipe (always reliable), I am sure all the juggling and washing up afterwards will have been worth it.

The promenade is now open again (not that it was physically closed, despite the closure posters).  The debris from the cliff falls, below the Sea Marge which covered part of the promenade, has been removed.  The barricades have not been taken away but instead, they’re piled at the base of the cliff, each side of the slips.  I guess they have been left, ready to put in place, when more has fallen.  As we watched, this afternoon, more debris fell on the promenade, adding to that which had dropped earlier.  This can be seen in the photo below.


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