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Friday 16th October 2020 - Visitors

I think I can safely say, in at least one way or another, 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. We often hear about people missing meeting up with family. For us this meant, because of lockdown, our family had to cancel their April visit to Overstrand but on Tuesday our youngest son and his partner were able to visit for a few socially distanced days. Yes, we were able to see them at the end of September when we were in Bucks but with other things to address we had little time for a good catch up. During their visit, the weather was kind to us, enabling us to go on walks. One was outside Barney’s capabilities but that didn’t prevent him from having his usual two walks a day. Sid, our scaredy cat, was not too phased by having what was to him ‘strangers’, in our home. I guess that was because they too have a cat. By Friday, when they journeyed back home, we had caught up on a lot of things and gone through the family photos and memorabilia we brought back from my parent’s house. A few hours on from their departure I find I am thinking of things I forgot to mention; these will have to wait for another time.

The first of today’s photos is a huge parasol fungi on a field path. I placed a 50p on top to show its magnificent size – I have never seen one quite as big as this before. The second was taken from the field above Tower Lane where, whether the weather is sunny or grey, there is always a wonderful view towards the village and our beautiful beaches.


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