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Wednesday 6th April 2022 - Training and Apron Repairs

A few weeks ago I was asked to consider presenting a programme on, the new local venture, Poppyland Radio. I have not mentioned this, up to now, as I wanted to see how things panned out. I had an idea, not mine, but one which was mentioned to us when talking to a villager about Poppyland Radio. Over coffee, with one of the Directors, I put this idea forward along with my concept as to how it would work. The basic format agreed, I submitted Programme Proposal form and waited to see if this was acceptable. It was. The next step was to book training on the studio equipment with the Studio Manager. On Monday evening, in the recording studio, everything I will need to use was explained to me and this was followed by a couple of trial recordings. Now my training is complete I will book the studio for practice after which, assuming I feel competent to take the programme forward, I will start the research I will need to carry out. The first recording will require approval before I can take it any further. This being a first for me, I am feeling a little daunted as well as excited.

I am not sure whether the renovation work on the slip way, at the east end of the promenade is finished, but if it is there is a potential trip hazard between the level of the slipway and the beach, the latter we know can vary in heights. Given the culture of suing, no doubt NNDC and the contractors will address this. Work has now started on the apron, as shown in today’s photo, with the first section concreted.


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