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Wednesday 27th July 2022 - Youths and Morning's Walk

The Boys’ Brigade, (BB) have set up tents and marquees on the camping field on Beach Close. For the past two years Covid restricted any activity and before that camping clubs etc. used the site. The field is owned by the Beeston Group and the sheds housing the facilities are in a terrible state. I should add after viewing their website, their other sites look to be in fine fettle; it seems to be just Overstrand that has not been maintained to a good standard. The BBs have brought all their own equipment, and look to be using only the solid built on-site toilets and showers. Before we moved to the village, according to what we have been told, the campsite was used four weeks a year, two for boys and the other two for girls. I don’t know which area they came from or what club or other body they belonged to. This all changed when the Beeston Group purchased the site and Natural England issued a licence which encompassed a far greater portion of the summer months. Apart from Cromer Carnival week, the field was never that busy and on more than one occasion, when the winds picked up, tents were flattened. But I am digressing a bit because what I want to say is, how we both are pleased to see and hear youths enjoying camping and the entertainments being organised for them.

Still on the subject of youths, the other afternoon, we followed a group walking back from the beach to the Kingswood centre at Overstrand Hall. Not unusual to see them straddling across the road, with the leaders shouting for them to walk in single file when a vehicle comes into sight. Yesterday was the first time we saw a member of the group, with a litter picker and a part full black sack. I guess they had been picking litter on the beach but when one of the youngsters finished their ice cream, they added the wrapper to the contents of the sack. Great to see this – taking care of the environment.

This morning’s walk took us across the field edges and through the allotments. Some of the allotments are looking very unkempt with weeds setting seed, while others are being worked well, displaying a variety of fruits and vegetables. With no on-site water, it must be a very difficult year for those who are taking an interest in their plots. Looking at the hedgerows, there aren’t many sloes this year, which we pick to make sloe gin. We wonder if the blackberries will fatten and produce sufficient juicy berries for Peter to make his usual blackberry vodka and to put in the freezer for blackberry and apple pies. Today’s photo is of a spray of blackberries which are looking promising but unless we get some rain they may well dry back.


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