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Wednesday 22nd February 2023 - Sitting Here, Hole in the Ceiling, Folk and the Strand and Coronation

I’m sitting here in our lounge, laptop perched on my knees, thinking back over the past few days and what there is to write in today’s blog. Basically, there isn’t much to say. Weather wise it has been very pleasant, up until this morning when it started to rain. On Sunday it was so warm, I had to take off my jacket and carry it on our afternoon walk.

Our eldest son sent me a photo yesterday; one of the builders who are currently extending his family home has put their foot through the dining room ceiling. Peter promptly reminded me when we lived in Bucks when I put my foot through our bedroom ceiling! At the time, Peter told me, if I wanted another loft entrance, I only had to ask! I did feel so bad about the hole but I suppose at least it was only my foot, when I slipped climbing over the rafters, and did not make a complete exit from the loft into the bedroom.

We are looking forward to a family weekend visit, early March. We have tickets for us all, for Folk on the Strand and we will also be eating out. The rest of the weekend will be ‘wait and see’ what the weather has in store for us. I have included below, the poster for Folk on the Strand as today’s photo.

I see from the Parish Council’s minutes, for their February meeting, they are considering a street party, sandcastle contest and treasure hunt on the 7th May to celebrate the King’s Coronation. It doesn’t seem long ago since arrangements for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee were in the pipeline.

That’s it from me. Hopefully, next time I will have more to say.


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