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Wednesday 20th January 2021 - Facebook Change and Cracking On

Facebook is not everybody’s ‘cup of tea’ but if used sensibly it provides a good way of exchanging news amongst friends, and for groups with common interests to keep in touch. Overstrand Life’s Facebook page has a following of villagers, as well as those outside the area who have an interest in Overstrand. Unfortunately, last year during the first lockdown there were some unpleasant comments made against a North Norfolk News article I shared which led me to consider closing the page. Instead, I deleted these comments. It doesn’t seem fair to fellow residents to post photographs of our beach, village and surrounding area; photographs that may tempt those during lockdown to break the rules and travel to Overstrand. I now only share or create posts that will be of interest to permanent residents. I will continue this way until the time comes when we feel safe and can once again welcome visitors to Overstrand.

I have been cracking on with my list of ‘things to do’ indoors and with the weather being less than enticing, the garden remains untouched. Just as soon as there is a sustained change in the weather and the ground starts to dry then, we’ll both be out there. I am always looking for signs of spring and yesterday, while we were sitting having lunch in our conservatory, I noticed a touch of pink in one of our camellias and yes, the first bud has opened. A welcome sight; one which definitely warranted a photograph.


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