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Wednesday 1st September 2021 - Saying It Again and No Crabs or Lobsters

Here I am, back again after a break in blogging. Today is the beginning of meteorological autumn and this afternoon, a villager commented that this year has been ‘the summer that never was’. I remember saying that phrase in one of my blogs. It didn’t take me long to find the comment, which I made at the end of July 2011, after which there was a considerable improvement in the weather. There were still ups and downs, with rain and winds interspersed with sun and blue skies, but it was nothing like the August we have just experienced - best summed up as; a total disappointment.

Still sticking to the weather, I cannot understand how, with all that modern technology has to offer, the forecasts have changed on a day to day basis and predictions of days of sun and warmth never materialised. I have just looked at the BBC’s weather app and starting from Sunday we can expect sun with some clouds and temperatures of 20°C. If earlier weeks are anything to go by, I wouldn’t mind betting by the time we get to Friday, this will have changed and the grey clouds and wind off the sea will continue. I hope I will be proven wrong.

With winds and rough seas, over the Bank Holiday weekend, the fishing boats were brought up to the safety of the corner of the zigzag path. They are still there today. I imagine there must have been many a disappointed visitor who was not able to purchase a crab or lobster, from Andy’s shop, to enjoy. Despite the weather, over the weekend, there were a number of cars on the car park and we even saw some hardy souls, braving a dip in the sea.

I hope in my next blog I have something more exciting to talk about, other than the grotty weather seen in today’s photos. The first photo shows the repaired ‘crash barrier’ on the slip road down from Clifton Way (it had fallen into disrepair before the original wood was removed and used for a beach bonfire). The next two speak for themselves, the fishing boats on the zigzag and, following the winds, the beach scoured of sand.


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