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Wednesday 1st April 2020 -Burning Winds, Wild Birds and Causing Trouble

The winds have been bitingly cold. Coming from the east and northerly directions they have resulted in the back of the beach being stripped of sand. It is not only the beach which has suffered; some of the plants have windburn, in particular the alexander and winter heliotrope. We have chosen the routes of our walks so that we have faced into the wind for the minimum of time. Yesterday it was still chilly but the wind had dropped and clear blue skies and sunshine made Barney’s walk extremely pleasant. The birds are unaware of Covid-19 and are singing in the trees and hedgerows. The skylarks rise up from the fields with their distinctive song and we watched a wren tending its nest in a hollow branch. The bird we are really excited about is the red kite. Peter spotted one from our conservatory and yesterday we spotted not one but two red kites and possibly another two circling above the woods in the distance. Next time we walk inland we must remember to take our binoculars so we can take a closer look, that’s assuming they have not moved on.

Today, a couple of Facebook friends have complained about inappropriate comments on their pages. I fully sympathise with them. Over the past week, I have had to take down two of my posts on Overstrand Life’s Facebook page for similar reasons. I guess this is a direct result of Covid-19 with people having nothing better to do than try to cause trouble.


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