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Tuesday 9th May 2023 - Local Elections, New Mp3 Player and Coronation Weekend

In my blog for 27th April, I said we had received just one leaflet from a candidate for District Councillor for the Poppyland District and that having said this, we would probably have more details coming through our letterbox from the other candidates, over the coming weekend. Well, we didn’t and received nothing after this, which to me shows an element of apathy on behalf of the candidates – did they want to be elected or not?

We like to listen to Radio Caroline Flashback; an internet station which plays music from our era. From time to time, I hear a track which I particularly like but don’t want to buy the CD and risk not liking the rest of the music. You can buy single Mp3 tracks from Amazon but my Mp3 player was unable to cope with multiple tracks put into a playlist folder. It simply separated them into their individual CDs. I am therefore delighted with the Mp3 player Peter bought me for my birthday, which takes the transfer of playlists from my laptop. I have wasted no time and purchased a selection of tracks and split these into two playlists, one for pop/rock and the other for classics. I am not a classics fan but there are a few pieces I enjoy which I can now listen to, when the mood takes me. There is an added plus to the new Mp3 player, the sound quality is much better, plus it has many more features which I have yet to explore.

It feels as though we are finally experiencing the sort of weather we associate with springtime. There are more bees and butterflies on the wing and my favourite birds, swifts, have returned. The past week has been so much warmer and the wind has moved, now coming overland and not chilly like the easterlies. Despite the forecast for rain over the Coronation weekend, for the most part it was warm with sunshine. It definitely looked as though Sunday was going to be a washout for the street party, in The Londs, but the sun shone in the afternoon and we could hear the live music playing as we sat in the garden, taking a break from gardening. The sandcastle competition went ahead, on an area of sand two groynes along towards Cromer. I took a few shots with my camera and these feature as today’s photos.


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