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Tuesday 6th July 2021 - The Times They Are-A-Changin' and Bench

When I am doing the housework I quite often listen to music on my mp3 player, which helps alleviate the inevitable boredom. Yesterday I chose Bob Dylan whose song The Times Are-A-Changin’ really struck a chord with me. Not for the lyrics, aimed at rallying young people in a time of political and military upheaval, but for what we are seeing today, in particular here in Overstrand.

An article published online by North Norfolk News (NNN) about prices of property and quick sales, was no real news at all. With property prices increasing to unprecedented levels further up the coast, it was inevitable those wanting to live on or near the North Norfolk coast would start to look elsewhere. NNN cites Sheringham, Overstrand and Mundesley as to where buyers are now turning their attention. Most villagers must be aware, how house prices have risen and that most properties here are sold within a very short period after being put on the market. We remember when a property in the village was around half the price of a similar one where we lived in Bucks, now prices are almost on a par! So the question is; is Overstrand becoming the new Blakeney and if so how will this change the village?

More importantly, the price increases are making it more difficult, if not impossible, for local people to purchase a home in the village. After posting the link to the NNN article on Facebook, judging from the posts which followed, this is most definitely the case. There may be good news on the horizon for locals, the District Council are looking to find a plot of land suitable for affordable housing but of course it is one thing to find a location suited to such a development but this can only go ahead if the land owner is willing to sell.

I could say more about the changes we have seen in the village but it think it is time now for a change of subject. A few weeks ago, part of the wooden post and rails on the access road down from Clifton Way were removed. Looking down onto the beach we saw the remains of a fire. Without knowing for sure, it didn’t seem unreasonable to assume this was where the wood ended up. A day later the wooden slats on the memorial bench on the same slope disappeared. Examining the remaining concrete frame, there was no evidence that the slats had been forcibly detached. The bolts had been removed, so this time we assumed the family who ‘own’ the bench had taken the slats for maintenance but that was three weeks ago and the slats have not been re-instated. A couple of people who are unable to walk the entire length up the access road without stopping for a break have said how much they miss not being able to sit and take a breather before continuing to the top. So, today’s photo is of the bench’s concrete frame and if anyone can shed any light on the missing slats, this would be greatly appreciated.


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