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Tuesday 6th June 2023 - How Much Longer, Voracious and Medlars

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Everyone, we have met recently, has complained about this cold wind. How much longer do we have to wait before we can enjoy some warmth? Other parts of the country have sun and temperatures 20°C and higher, whereas here we are lucky if it’s 15°C, which feels colder in the wind. We are still wearing the clothes we do in winter. Occasionally I have been able to put on a top I wear in spring but shorts and t-shirts are still stored away.

We now have two pairs of blackbirds which come into our garden, searching for insects and grubs to take back to their youngsters. One of the males has been intent on throwing soil off the border and onto the path and a female has been in the containers of young radishes and spring onions, virtually destroying the latter. As nice as it is to have them, I really will be glad when their young are fending for themselves and they are less voracious with their foraging. I don’t know if they are taking slugs but at the risk of speaking too soon, Peter is not finding many, during our evening slug hunts, on his veg patch. In the front garden, I am finding up to twenty. These are mainly small but it is surprising how much damage even the smallest of slugs can cause once they get chomping at tender leaves.

This afternoon I went to the Gardening Club to listen to Jane Steward’s talk about medlars, which she describes as, 'Forgotten Fruit'. A few years ago, we purchased some medlars from Country Pickings, in Mundesley, but were totally unimpressed with this fruit. This did not put me off wanting to find out more about them. Jane has one hundred and fifteen medlar trees and it was obvious from her talk, she is very passionate about all things medlar. Jane brought along a basket of medlars, soft and brown, and as this was passed around the club’s members, it was obvious the medlars we purchased should have been left to ripen or to use the technical term, bletted. In addition to the fruit, Jane also brought along jars of her medlar jelly, a leaflet and her recently published book, Medlars Growing and Cooking. I won’t say any more here as there is comprehensive information on her website,

Today’s photo was taken on an afternoon walk on the beach of the brilliantly yellow birds foot trefoil, currently flowering on the cliffs.


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