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Tuesday 28th May 2024 - Was it a Success? and a Mainly Damp Bank Holiday Weekend

Updated: May 31

In case anyone was wondering as to whether the cheesecake was worth all the resulting washing up, then the answer is a resounding, yes.  It was a large desert consumed over two evenings and our family all remarked how good it was.  So, will I use Delia’s recipe again?  Of course, and next time I will be more prepared for all the kitchen implements it takes and the washing up it creates.


Our family arrived for the weekend on Friday afternoon and evening, staying in a holiday home nearby.  It rained on Saturday, and with two lively grandsons, we needed to find something we could do without getting a soaking.  In the morning, we headed to Muckleburgh Military Collection, located in Weybourne.  The last time we visited was when our sons were about the same age as our grandsons.  There was so much more to see this time, not just tanks etc. but uniforms, village history, weapons and a whole lot more.  In the afternoon, we played games in the holiday accommodation, followed in the evening with fish and chips (an absolute must when visiting the seaside). 


Sunday morning, it was still wet, we opted for Cromer Zoo.  Our last visit was about three years ago.  Here there was little change and as before, plenty to see and do.  Late morning, the rain eased, leaving our family with the question of whether to go to the beach or Gunton Sawmill in the afternoon.  After much deliberation and a smattering of indecision they opted for the sawmill.  Definitely the right choice, as the rain came down again, accompanied by thunder.  We have been to the sawmill before but not with our grandsons.  Definitely worth the second visit -and definitely a step back in time.  The rain showers paused and it was sufficiently dry to take a wander by the lakeside and to be quite honest, it was so serene, I could have just sat there for an hour or so watching the wildlife.  No family visit is complete without a BBQ, unless of course it’s in the winter months.  Come the evening, showers were still very much in evidence.  Peter put up the garden parasol over the BBQ, enabling our two sons to man the cooking without risking a soaking.  As it was, we all joined them in the garden with brollies to protect us from the showers.


The weather was kind to us yesterday, not a single drop of rain.  We walked into Cromer along the cliff tops, learnt about the Peregrine Falcons which have nested once again on the Church’s tower, did the obligatory walk on the pier and had lunch and ice-creams.  In the afternoon we meandered back to Overstrand on the beach.  We looked into rock pools, at the flints and stones at the back of the beach for fossils and our youngest grandson flew his glider.  We spent a good portion of the evening at The White Horse where we ate and our grandsons took advantage of the extensive playground, leaving the adults to keep an eye on them and chat.


That brings me to this morning when our family departed home, leaving us to catch up on some gardening and washing, before the rain set in late morning.  I took a number of photos, over the weekend, which I will try to incorporate into my next vlog.  In the meantime, here is one of the lupins currently blooming in Happy Valley.


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