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Tuesday 24th March 2020 - More Constraints

Virtually every day, there have been more constraints put in place, in an effort to control the spread of Coronavirus. On Friday, all pubs and clubs etc. were ordered to close. This did not affect the Sea Marge, Cliff Top Café and White Horse from offering take-aways and home food deliveries. Despite the Government’s advice to keep two metres apart (social distancing) and not to mix with anyone other than those who live in the same home, the weekend saw some very inconsiderate behaviour across the country. Overstrand was no exception. People drove or walked into the village and flagrantly ignored the advice. Tension was starting to grow amongst the residents, who considered this selfish behaviour risked bringing the virus into the village. Additional tension was added by people coming to the County to stay in their second homes or caravans. MP Duncan Baker issued an open letter explaining the risks and potential effects of their actions. He pleaded with these people to stay away. Confrontations are now, I hope, a low risk after the Government issued further tighter controls yesterday enabling the police able to break up gatherings, and all bar essential shops must close. NNDC has closed all of their coastal car parks in an effort to deter visitors and all of the above mentioned have stopped offering take-aways and home deliveries. However, the Garden Centre is able to deliver essential supplies to homes providing social distancing is applied. The media are still reporting panic buying in the supermarkets, and the only slots available for online grocery deliveries are for about three weeks’ time. Here in Overstrand, we should all be indebted to Michael who owns the Village Stores. He is only serving residents and as a result, I have been able to buy items we needed without having to go to Cromer.

So, how about some good news …… the sun has been shining, the skies are blue, the beach is beautiful, gardens are full of spring colour, bees are buzzing and butterflies are emerging.


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