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Tuesday 23rd November - Winds and Crochetdermy

It’s been a blustery few days with cold winds coming down from the north; judging by the chill probably straight off the North Pole! Any loose leaves have been blown off branches, leaving paths and street gutters strewn with their colourful debris. Our garden furniture which lay prostrate on the lawn had to be moved to an area where it would remain upright, along with two pots of chrysanthemums from the patio. Most of the leaves from our trees are now down, with only the peach holding on to most of its foliage. I found a blade from what we call the chicken windmill, and made for me by our eldest son, lying on the grass. This is not the first time it has suffered wind damage and not the first time that Peter has turned his hand to mending it. Today, all is much quieter and everything is back in place. Living on the coast, we have become used to regular periods of wind and watching the trees swaying as well as the spectacle of waves crashing in and over the promenade and revetments.

It’s a quiet time of the year, with short days and few visitors in the village. The one exception is, the regular coaches parked on the High Street, with their passengers staying at the Sea Marge. During their brief stay, they visit a couple of local places of interest but the highlight is a trip to the show at Thursford. One thing I must not forget to mention is village artist Shauna Richardson, famous for her Crochetdermy. Peter spotted a video on Youtube which incorporates an interview with Shauna. Whether you have seen her work or not, it is worth watching to see examples and how she creates her amazing animals. It’s quite long video but you can skip through to fifty six minutes into the programme, when the interview with Shauna starts.

Finally, today’s photo is of the Fishermen’s Green showing stacked gear, the boat Jayne Marie, with the shed and shop in the background.


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