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Tuesday 23rd August 2022 - Family Week

It’s not very often I take a two week break from my blogs but when family visit, we make the most of our time together and general routine goes out of the window. We cannot all fit into our small home, so our eldest son and family stayed close by in a holiday let and our youngest son and partner were with us. Our week was full and incorporated Peter’s birthday. In brief, we had a birthday celebration at the Sea Marge on the Saturday evening, a special thank you to the staff, in particular Karoline, who looked after us so well and as it was such a glorious evening, we spent most of the time in the hotel’s garden, only going into the restaurant to eat our main courses. On Peter’s birthday he cooked dinner for us on the BBQ which was followed by birthday cake, created by Jo’s Cakes, which featured Peter’s vegetable plot.

During the rest of the week there were more BBQ’s, time spent on the beach and in the sea, two trips to the Cromer Carnival field, three of us walked into Cromer along the beach and back to see the Carnival parade, a visit to the Wizards Maze, bargains were purchased by our grandsons at the car boot sale, ball games played on the Sports Field, we had refreshing drinks in the White Horse gardens, indoors we enjoyed playing snakes and ladders and snap and we sat outside late evening and into the night when, a first for me, I saw meteor zipping across the sky. The only thing which didn’t go according to plan was fish and chips on the beach. We all headed to Bacton to buy fish and chips and were going to eat these on the beach below Cable Gap car park……. but nature had other plans; the heavens opened! Instead, it was back to ours where we all piled into our conservatory.

I am going to leave it here, apart from a selection of photos I took of the Cromer Carnival parade. Next time I will catch up with what we have been doing since our family went home; with a visit to Happisburgh Lighthouse and meeting up with two ladies from Germany who have visited Overstrand for a number of years, staying at The Pleasaunce.


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