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Tuesday 19th May 2020 - Sea Salt and The Weekend

Is this a regular on the promenade or am I just not observant enough? I am talking about sea salt. Over the past couple of days there has been several areas at the east end where in cracks in the concrete surface sea water collected, later evaporating, leaving deposits of salt. This brought back memories of collecting sea salt from the rocks bordering Aghios Thomas beach in Kefallonia and popping it into a bag ready to bring home. We always came home from our Greek trips with various ‘things’ collected on our walks, all legal and safely stowed in our cases!

Where there many visitors in the village over the weekend? I don’t know. We walked along the promenade and through the village early morning, when visitors were either still in bed or on the road to the coast. I can only comment on seeing, from our bedroom, a few people on the cliff path and others’ observations of vehicles parking on the double yellow lines and people not observing social distancing. We also saw parking on double yellow lines, when we briefly walked across the car park on Monday afternoon to access the dog waste bin.

Rather than venture out, apart from Barney’s walks, we have spent a lot of time in the garden. This led me to comment to Peter, ‘We should be proud of our garden.’ It’s not perfect (what garden is?) but we enjoy spending time sitting in our conservatory in the evenings, gazing at our efforts.


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