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Tuesday 17th January 2023 - Winter's Morning, Here They Are and Election Changes

We woke today to a very cold, frosty morning, but with sunshine and clear blue skies I feel I really should be out in the garden but there is little I can do apart from trimming a honeysuckle which is currently bathed in sunlight. However, if I do this, leaving fresh cut open wounds, it could damage the plant if we have another frost before these heal. So, instead I have resigned myself to enjoying looking out the window, writing this blog and later I will hopefully finish numbering and titling last year’s photos, followed by lunch, our second walk of the day and a visit to the mobile library.

Before I say anything else, I probably should have included photos in my last blog, covering the areas I mentioned which are in need of attention…… here they are.

There are a couple of 'things' residents should be aware of ahead of the May elections. Firstly, the polling station may move from its usual location in the Parish Hall to the Belfry Centre for Music & Arts. Residents will have received a voting form asking whether they are in agreement to the change. I imagine we will be given notice on the polling cards as to where the station will be. Secondly, many thanks to District Councillor, Wendy Fredericks, for posting about the following change in legislation, on the social media group, NextDoor. We will now be required to provide photo ID when we go to vote. Full details are available on this website, Electoral Commission There are residents who prefer not to use modern technology so, if you have a neighbour who doesn't use a computer etc. then it may be an idea to pop round and make them aware of the new legislation.

I am rounding off today’s blog with a photo of this morning’s sunrise. There is nothing quite like a North Norfolk sunrise. Despite probably having around a hundred shots, with each sunrise different, I can never resist taking; just one more!


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