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Tuesday 16th June 2020 - Who Cares?

Nobody likes to be told what to do or having a government with a dictatorial big brother attitude but there are times when we really need, for our own individual good, to abide by the ‘rules’. With Covid-19, these are one of those times. Despite this, there are groups as well as individuals who seem to have a, ‘who cares’ approach. Typical of this is ignoring the safe distance guidelines as seen in Cromer over the weekend, shoppers waiting outside a city shop, recent demonstrations and raves. Defiance has prevailed and I can just imagine comments being passed such as, ‘Hey, but who cares, nobody tells me what to do.’ Then there was the guy who urinated against a memorial for a murdered policeman, with a full bladder he didn’t care, he just let it out. In our own village, the other day a group of around ten people stood chatting and blocking the pavement. There was no observation of social distancing but did they care, obviously not. It was a lovely warm sunny day and they were going to do what they liked. They didn’t care to look and see, if anyone wanted to pass their little social gathering, they would have to walk out in the road on the corner of a junction. Despite the praises for the NHS, in instances I have mentioned, there has been no regard for the medical professionals who have fought to save lives, ending with them losing their own. With no barriers to remove across the entrance to the car park on Pauls Lane and throw over the cliff, vandals have targeted the signs put up by the District Council. These are the ones reminding visitors of social distancing and not sitting on the promenade (see photo in last blog). Those near and on the car park, plus the one at the top of the zigzag have all ‘disappeared’. ‘Why?’ I asked myself. I’ll tell you one thing, with all these senseless acts as well as others across the globe; it makes you wonder what the world is turning into ….. but who cares?

Having got that of my chest, todays photos were taken in our garden. The roses are exceptional this year, in particular our floribunda ‘Birthday Girl’, and our papaver poppy is putting up a good show too.

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