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Thursday 3rd November 2022 - Essences of Autumn, and Whizzes & Bangs

We are starting to experience the true essences of autumn. Definitely a chill first thing, when I have needed a scarf and gloves when we go out for our walk. Later in the day the temperature has risen to the mid-teens so when we took a break from gardening yesterday morning, we drank our hot chocolate and coffee sat in the sunshine on the garden bench – very pleasant. The grass was still damp when Peter mowed the back lawn but it looks a whole lot better for its trim. Leaves continue to fall. Peter now has several bags full, composting down into leafmould. I will wait until all the fruit trees have dropped their leaves, giving the worms time to take some of them down into the earth, before I clear them away. I have removed, what I think is honey fungus growing on a tree stump. I hope it hasn’t spread and in time kill the adjacent camelia and myrtle. The best way to ensure the fungus doesn’t return is to dig out the remaining stump and root of the dead tree, as well as the surrounding soil and replace this with fresh top soil. However, given its location, this is not a practical solution.

We are expecting to hear lots of whizzes and bangs on Saturday evening from the village firework display. Animals, in particular pets, can get stressed by fireworks. Sid our cat doesn’t like them but doesn’t get too anxious. I think Barney was an exception as he loved to sit out in our garden and watch the aerial displays. Classic fm radio will be playing calming music tomorrow evening, which according to the article on their website, has proven to help de-stress pets - I think this is a great idea. A village friend, whose cat is upset by the bangs, said she will be turning on the tv and increasing the volume during Strictly Come Dancing to mask the noise. The village display lasts about half an hour, so whatever pet owners choose to do, hopefully they will be able to maintain calm during what will be for some, a stressful period.

Today’s photos were taken on our morning walk yesterday. I am sure the gulls, which were lined up on a number of the groyne ends, where taking in the warmth of the sun’s rays.

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