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Thursday 3rd December 2020 - PPP

All the ‘P’s today, starting with posters. This year there has been a number of campervans and similar which have spent a night or even longer on the car park. The site ‘Park4Night’, has comments stating what a great location the car park is for a stopover, with its views of the sea, toilets, childrens’ playground, nearby café, and that although overnight sleeping is banned there has not been a problem staying overnight. The District Council have now put up a number of posters making it clear overnight parking and camping, as well as BBQ’s are all banned. We wait to see if these have the desired effect. There are also posters in the village advertising Overstrand Together’s Christmas Stocking competition where villagers are invited to make a window decoration. These stocking decorations are to be placed in the participant’s garden on 19th December, ready to be judged and maybe win a prize.

The second ‘P’ is pop. Yesterday, our TV went pop and the screen went black. Today, Peter has been looking for a replacement but ‘thanks’ to Black Friday, there is a limited choice available of the size of screen we want. We have a spare TV, so are in no rush to make a purchase. This all brought back memories of one Christmas Eve with our young sons watching ‘the box’ when it packed up. Probably one of the best Christmas’s we have spent, with no on screen entertainment to divert attention away from other amusements. After all, you can watch the TV any day of the year, so it is good to have a break on Christmas Day. Lack of viewing was soon rectified by a visit to the Boxing Day sales!

The final ‘P’ is photos. The floor of our spare room is covered with photos in boxes, folders and files. I am having a massive sort out, rationalising not only our prints but those brought back from my late parent’s home. Three years ago Peter took on a winter project to scan the best of our prints and these are now stored on SD cards. I have now either, torn up or shredded the prints not on the SD cards, collated negatives ready to dispose of and scanned my parent’s prints. I am now working my way through the digital photos, stored on CD and DVD’s, deleting shots no longer of interest. These too will eventually be put on to SD cards.


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