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Thursday 30th December 2021 - Not a Complete Disaster and No Great Loss

Christmas in our home was very enjoyable and with family staying, it all passed very quickly. We don’t tend to overindulge over the holiday period but do enjoy festive food and treats. However, it has been quite noticeable that, prior to Christmas our laundry/utility room was stacked with food and drink with the fridges bulging and the freezers full to the brim. Not the case now; there has been a considerable reduction in everything. Food wise, all went according to plan apart from the Dundee cake I made with gluten free flour. What a weird taste it had, we did not find it at all pleasant, but when we said we were going to feed it to the gulls, our ‘gluten free son’, said they would take it home with them – so not the complete disaster I thought it was after all.

As for the weather, it was unpleasant so we didn’t get out as much as we would have liked. The village was pretty well deserted when we took a very blustery walk along the prom on Christmas Day afternoon. There were no plans for an organised Boxing Day swim here in the village and due to Covid both those in Cromer and Sheringham were cancelled. This was no great loss, as it rained most of the day and would have been a damp affair for spectators and somewhat frustrating for those taking the plunge, I’m sure it would be like fighting a losing battle, trying to dry and dress, whilst the rain continued to dampen them down. Peter and I did manage a dry walk with Barney in the morning but our family were less fortunate in the afternoon. On their return, out came the clothes airer which was placed in front of a radiator to dry their damp outer clothing.

We are going out this evening with village friends so, with no dinner to prepare, I am currently at a bit of a loose end. Apart from me going to our WI lunch, this has to be the first time we have been out to eat in about two years! On that note, I will leave you with one of our breath-taking Overstrand sunrises photographed before Christmas, on the 22nd, and with the Very Best of Wishes for a Healthy New Year. Take care all – see you in 2022.


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