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Saturday 3rd December 2022 - Less is More

I have developed an interest in the areas in and around the Himalayas. This all started after watching the film, based on Heinrich Harrer’s book, Seven Years in Tibet. I later read the book which was so much better, as is often the case, than the film and covered in depth their journey prior to reaching Lhasa. More recently I have read, Frozen River: Seeking Silence in the Himalaya by James Crowden, bought for me by our youngest son, and I am currently enjoying Jamie Zeppa’s, Beyond the Sky and the Earth. These last two books cover the authors’ visits in 1976 and between 1989 and 1992 respectively, in remote regions where undoubtedly life will have changed in the ensuing years.

Although I have not finished Beyond the Sky and the Earth, all three books have made me consider that, ‘less is more’. They all managed with the basics in life and when I say basic, I mean basic and not the conditions most of us could or would want to endure for a short time, let alone an extended period. Despite this, they found a particular type of contentment. Less of the trappings of the time gave them more time to embrace and understand the uncomplicated lifestyle of the local people. They bonded with them and their simple way of life where ‘less’ became, in an unanticipated way; ‘more’.

Maybe we could all gain something from ‘less is more’. In these times of rising prices and hearing that many are struggling with the increase in the cost of living, we could try looking for the positives in life and find our own ‘less is more’. Although not related to the current economic climate, I think of our village, where we have ‘less’ facilities than towns but as a result of our relatively small population we know ‘more’ people, so we often stop for a chat when we are out and residents are supported by others. For me, these far outweigh living near a retail park, sports centre etc., amenities we left behind when we moved from a highly populated area in Bucks.

Today’s photo is a scene of grey skies and sea. Not every day in winter will be this dismal, there will be days (fingers crossed) of blue skies and sunshine when the temperatures may creep into double figures. One thing we won’t have to endure, well I hope not, is the -20°C, James Crowden endured in the region of the Zangskar River!


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