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Saturday 23rd May 2020 - Hottest Day of the Year, Chief Constable and Down the Cliff

What has gone on in the village since Tuesday? Well for starters, Wednesday was the hottest day of the year so far, which brought a surge of visitors to this part of the coast, and no doubt to inland beauty spots too. Since then, the weather has continued to be kind to us, with more visitors coming to enjoy walks and the beach, while we have preferred to be in our garden with afternoon tea and cake and a pre-dinner drink in the warm sunshine. It’s not all good though as there have been various reports from along the coast of, lack of social distancing, rubbish left behind, dog bins filled with food packaging, defecating on the beach in an area that does not have any public conveniences, parking on double yellow lines and sitting on the beach in an area clearly marked as being designated for seals.

I was contacted by BBC Radio Norfolk and asked if I would comment on the following morning’s Breakfast Programme about visitors to Overstrand. I explained, that we avoid going out during the main part of the day and was therefore not qualified to comment. Later the following day, we accessed the programme, on BBC Sounds, skimming through most of it but stopping to listen in full to the interview with Chief Constable Simon Bailey He expressed his disappointment that so many people were coming to the coast (well Boris did say they could) and not acting responsibly (something Boris asked visitors to do). He said, people living along the coastline had looked after themselves, helped others and had remained safe; this is praise indeed. However, he feared a surge of visitors could change this and predicted a second spike in virus cases.

For Overstrand, the icing on the cake has to be the notices of closure, barricades and gate across the car park ending up on the cliff face (see above photo). Noises were heard by residents, including me (I thought it was a gun being fired) between two and two thirty on Thursday morning. It was when we took our early morning walk with Barney we saw what had happened. This is the second time, since the start of lockdown, that the barriers have been thrown over the cliff, and this time the large heavy gate went too. Added to this, someone had used the entrance to the gents public conveniences as a toilet. Obviously planned, as they had brought their own toilet paper! Back home, Peter emailed the Contract and Facilities Manager at NNDC, who dealt with the previous incident. Shortly after, Peter received a response from the manager, saying he was on his way to the car park. The entrance has once again been secured, this time with a chain, padlocks, tape and new signs. As for the entrance to the gents, someone had the unenviable job of clearing this away.

The above is a bit depressing but it’s no good letting things get to you.

With hairdressers and barbers closed now for two months, I can’t help but notice there is a very noticeable growth in everyone’s hair, giving the men of the village a Bohemian look! I am fast disappearing behind my fringe but Peter has no problems because I have been cutting his hair for more years than I care to remember. Mmmm….he must owe me a fair bit in barber’s fees!


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