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Saturday 13th May 2023 - A Step Backwards and Face to Face

I was settling into the lovely spring weather and even considering getting out some of the tops I wear in the summer when, on Friday, almost as though someone flicked a switch, we are back into cold and grey conditions. I have already put away my lined winter jacket and washed my thick scarf and gloves; maybe doing this has jinxed the weather! On Thursday, to make space for geraniums, I lifted some of our daffodil bulbs ready to dry out and store. I am so pleased I didn’t get to planting the geraniums, they most certainly would not have appreciated the cold winds.

Thankfully, it was sunny on Wednesday when a friend and her husband visited. We have been friends, since we were children. She first lived with her parents and brother, next door to my grandparent’s farm, where I spent quite a lot of my childhood, and then later they moved, not much more than a stone’s throw away. We were each other’s bridesmaids and over the years we have moved around a bit but have maintained contact and before we moved to Overstrand, lived a couple of miles apart. Emailing each other with our latest news has been enjoyable but it was lovely to meet again, face to face. We lunched at the Sea Marge before they drove back to Fakenham where they are visiting one of their daughters this week.

Today’s photo is of a stem of rape, in flower on a field off Madams Lane. The fragrance is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but nobody could deny the fields of bright yellow are stunning in their intensity.


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