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Saturday 13th February 2021 - Snow on Snow, No Shows and Drifting

Just as one layer of snow packed on the pavements and roads then another layer fell, until yesterday when there was just a few fluttering of flakes passing our windows. The snow has resulted in the inevitable; villages have been cut off, vehicles became stuck in drifts, plus the post, deliveries and bin collections were unable to reach the worst affected areas. Our online grocery provider messaged me to advise that, in the interest of their drivers’ safety, our Monday delivery was cancelled. Not a real problem as I always keep a good stock in our cupboards, fridge and freezer. It was just the normal purchase of milk from the village shop, as well as a couple of other items to make sure we didn’t go without. As usual the shop is well stocked, a credit to Michael and his staff. The District Council advised residents to put out their bins on their collection day, but in the end all the collections for the week had to be abandoned. The Council have, however, published their catch up plan over the next two weeks which basically means, if we fill our bins we can put out the excess rubbish/recycling/garden refuse and provided this does not exceed the maximum stipulated on the their website, it will be cleared.

By all accounts, the main roads between villages are now pretty well clear but there has been some wind fuelled drifting off the fields, back onto previously cleared roads. With the bus service resuming, the High Street has been gritted too. A different scenario outside our garden gates where for the most part, the road is a sheet of ice and extreme care needs to be exercised when walking or driving. We were able to drive to Mundesley yesterday morning for our meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Apart from the roads leading up to the High Street and just past Sidestrand church, where snow was blowing off the fields and onto the road, we did not encounter any dangerous surfaces. Peter had his first Covid-19 vaccination early this afternoon. I assumed the road through to the vaccination hub in North Walsham would be clear but after Gunton and with no hedges to hold it back, the offshore winds were doing their best to cover the north side of the road. On our return, two cars were stuck in the drift and behind them, a long tail back of various vehicles. It took about eight people, an offcut of carpet (strange what some people carry in their boots) and a shopping bag to release the first car, after which those of us travelling in the Cromer direction were beckoned forward to pass. Later we heard a farmer had been out twice to clear the drift, ensuring safe passage for traffic.

It has to be fairly safe to say, we are all a bit fed up now and are looking forward to the forecast thaw next week. Earlier in the week, Sid spent time playing in the snow with his friends, one in particular rolled and stuffed his nose into the white stuff, but even they are now bored with it all. Barney has enjoyed running and rolling but showed less enthusiasm to when he was a youngster

Today’s photos were taken by Peter, while we are out walking Barney the other morning. We re-named the zigzag path to the beach, Overstrand’s ski slope!


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