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Saturday 10th April 2021 - Repairs, Didn't Take Long and Where to Draw the Line

It is good to see when older buildings in the village are being cared for and kept in good repair. The Sea Marge has to be one of if not the most attractive of the homes constructed in Overstrand at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. The Sea Marge Hotel, originally the home of Sir Edgar Speyer and his wife, is currently undergoing roof repairs, ahead of its re-opening on 17th May. The back was re-roofed last year and now the front is receiving attention. At the moment it is just one section which is being worked on. With some of the tiles slipping, it’s better to tackle now in case one of the loose tiles falls; possibly injuring a customer or member of staff.

The cliff slip, on the access road from Clifton Way, is currently holding its own. Some of the large chunks of masonry on the cliff, near the bottom of the slip, have been moved to the back of the revetments, along with other material from this area. A gully has opened up where the water from the underground stream is escaping. This is now flowing slower than before but it has brought down with it some clods of wet soil.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for an item from McDonald’s to arrive in Overstrand; I picked up a cup on the car park on Wednesday morning. People who leave this type of litter need to think – by doing so they are creating a bad name for the fast food outlet, in this case McDonalds,

Finally, I need to say; sometimes it is difficult to know where to draw the line. I am talking about my website and Facebook page for Overstrand Life where recently it has been hard to turn down requests to post items but I have to stick to my guns and only include what relates specifically to the village. It has not been easy when I know for example, a good and valuable service is being offered or steps are being taken to help with mental health and the like.


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