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Monday 8th August 2022 - Swifts, Brassicas & Bees and Away from the Hubbub

Considering how much pleasure the swifts provide me, as I watch them swoop and screech through the skies, I really should have remembered to mention, in my previous blog, my last sightings for 2022 were on 31st July. They are now making their way on their 3,400 mile journey, to winter in Africa. I don’t suppose it will be too long now before the swallows make their exit too.

Staying on the subject of wildlife, in the afternoons we usually walk along inland footpaths and fields edges. I have included three photos, taken this week, the first is a section of the field on the outskirts of Northrepps which has been sown to brassicas; most of have now gone to seed with some plants resembling purple sprouting. In amongst the yellow and white brassica flowers are splashes of blue phacelia. It was a delight to walk on the path traversing this section, listening to the busy bees making the most of this rich source of nectar and pollen.

The second is of three muntjac deer, you have to look into the vegetation to see their brown forms in the photo. With the wind blowing across us, they were totally oblivious of us standing and observing them grazing, that was until we started moving further down the field.

Finally, the third photo is looking across the fields and out to sea; what a beautiful vista.

Even though we have both been stung today by nettles on a partially overgrown path, our afternoon walks have been peaceful, which reminds us of the reason why we came to live in Norfolk; away from the hubbub of the area where we lived before.

I am signing off now to prepare and then enjoy a visit from our family. I’ll be back again in a couple of weeks, or thereabouts. Even though we are in dire need of rain, here’s hoping this amazing summer weather continues through to at least the end of the month, and should it rain then perhaps it could moisten the soil during the hours of darkness.


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