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Monday 7th November 2022 - Lunar Disappears and The Belfry School

Our part feral cat, Lunar, has disappeared. We feed her twice a day and most nights she sleeps in our conservatory. In the summer, when it is light and warm enough to sit in the conservatory in the evenings, she often sits on my lap, purring. But on Saturday evening, just as soon as the first fireworks were let off on the car park, she bolted. It’s now Monday afternoon and we have not seen her since fear grasped her. The last we saw of Lunar was her running down the garden and disappearing into the night. Last year she was out when the display started and didn’t return for a few days. I hope she will return once she realises all is safe. Sid went out at dusk; we don’t know where he was when the bangs started but he did return during the night. Yes, fireworks do provide entertainment but I wish they would be banned, not just because of Lunar but for all the other animals and the wildlife they freak out.

Well, that’s my gripe for today, so now onto something positive. I provide the Belfry School with not only a tray of poppies and a collecting tin but also what is termed as a kids’ pack; I mentioned this in my blog dated 26th October. The contents of the kids’ pack, which varies each year, goes down well with the pupils but this year has been exceptional. I have been back to the school twice to re-stock both items for the pack and poppies. The snap bands have been particularly popular – they have taken all my stock of these and poppies too! Oak Class will be attending a short Remembrance Service at the War Memorial in St Martins churchyard on Friday 11th November. I plan to be there too. It is important that those who have lost their lives in conflict are not forgotten. Today’s photo features St Martins Church and the War Memorial which for some reason both look as though they are leaning backwards – must have been the angle at which I was standing.


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