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Monday 7th December 2020 - Checking and Micro Climate

Making my way through our digital photos, I kept telling myself I ought to double check that I started putting them on SD cards in 2010, the year I started a website and blog for Overstrand. It wasn’t until this morning, after completing the years from 2003 to 2005, when I checked. You can probably guess what I am going to say, yes, all the photos from when we went digital in 2003 are on SD cards! I don’t remember when I did this but what I have done so far has not been a complete waste of time; I have enjoyed re-visiting the places we visited as well as our former home in Bucks.

Living here on the coast it is not uncommon for our weather to be totally different to a few miles inland. We have what is termed as a micro climate. This can result in the winter months, Overstrand being frost free while a few miles inland everything is white, and in the summer we can be trapped in a sea fret making it very chilly, while up in Northrepps they are basking in sunshine. Wherever you live in England there can be a variety of different types of weather in the space of a few hours. As an example, yesterday morning started with pockets of frost and frozen puddles in some areas of the village. We took it steady walking down the zigzag with Barney, in case there was any black ice – don’t want to end up in Norfolk & Norwich Hospital with a broken bone – but it was fine. Later, rain fell and melted the frost and come the afternoon there was a good window of sunshine when we enjoyed a walk around the village. As we passed the village sign garden, I took today’s photo of the Village’s Christmas tree, once again sponsored by Michael Maher the owner of Overstrand Stores. I wonder what the coming week’s weather will have in store for us?


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