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Monday 6th March 2023 - Weekend and Using a Space

The weather, showers and grey skies, didn’t spoil our weekend visit from family, who arrived Friday evening. The rain held off on Saturday morning when we went for a walk which incorporated the snowdrops growing wild through bracken and the general undergrowth. Most snowdrops are finishing now and setting seed heads, but these, because of their sheltered location, bloom later and are still providing an impressive display. In the afternoon we went to Folk on the Strand and listened to Anto Morra, followed by Fran Mcgillivray and Mike Burke. It was an afternoon filled with music from two thirty until five, with a couple of intervals, and was excellent value at £10 a ticket. In the evening we went to the Sea Marge. It was quite busy in the restaurant, for the time of year, and after this, we stopped at the White Horse for a drink. Sunday morning, we looked at photos from our family’s visit to New Zealand over Christmas and the New Year and after lunch they headed home. A short stay, but one which was full.

Two things have come together, space left in the lobby area, where Barney’s bed and cage/crate used to be and the Creative Gardening Facebook page. Although we don’t have a problem with having a vacant area, after seeing photos of Creative Gardening members indoor plants massed together, these gave me an idea to do similar in our lobby. After viewing, on the internet, the multitude of different ways of displaying indoor plants and their being nothing suitable at the Garden Centre, I settled on five individual plant stands of different heights, which I ordered from Amazon. I found a specialist indoor plant supplier with a great range and good descriptors of light, water, fully grown height etc. I have put in an order for five, with a variety of foliage and habits, that will be suitable for the lobby. Unfortunately, the pot stands, which arrived in less than twenty-four hours after ordering, have suffered paint damage where they have rubbed together, presumably in transit. I have messaged the supplier and wait to hear their comments. (Between writing this blog and posting it, I have received a response from the supplier who has offered me a complete refund. This is extremely generous, given the damage is superficial. I have suggested a 50% refund instead, which will enable me to source some paint and repair the damaged areas)

Today’s photo shows the sun this morning trying, without success, to break through the clouds. That’s how it’s been today, cloudy with rain showers but on the plus side, we have managed our usual two walks and remained dry.


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