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Monday 31st August 2020 - Beginning of the End

Wind and rain did its worst during Saturday and Sunday leaving, in our garden, a trail of leaves and snapped stems in its wake. This morning it was dry and the wind has dropped considerably. While I was doing the housework, Peter was out in the garden where amongst other things he got out the leaf sucker to clear the grass, paths and borders of the debris. The runner and climbing beans have taken a real bashing, with wind burnt leaves and distorted beans but thanks to the windbreak round the plot, other veggies have not suffered so badly. Housework, finished I set to and tidied the pots on the patio and then this afternoon, following Barney’s walk when the sun came out, I was back out deadheading and cutting back. Some of the bedding plants looked exhausted, after providing colour throughout the summer, so these have been consigned to the brown bin, which makes me conclude, we are at the beginning of the end of summer. In meteorological terms, the first day of autumn is tomorrow, 1st September; now that’s a sobering thought for us all!

Already there has been a chill early morning, another sign of the beginning of the end of summer, and with a general drop in temperature during the day, from the mid-twenties to the high teens, Barney has been happy to walk further in the afternoons. Taking advantage of this, and leaving the coastal winds behind, we set off yesterday afternoon to pick blackberries. Although the brambles are laden with fruit they are still quite small and very few are ripe, but we did not come home empty handed, picking sloes instead to make sloe gin to enjoy over Christmas. Ooops sorry, I have mentioned the ‘C’ word, and it’s still August! But then the Garden Centre has a section devoted to Christmas decorations, so perhaps I can be forgiven.

Today’s photos are of, not a sight you see every day, a frog resting on the prom wall, plus the bright red hawthorn berries in the hedges.


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