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Monday 29th May 2023 - Family Visit and No Legal Thoroughfare

We have had family visiting for a couple of days. Not long but we did manage, despite our grandsons being under the weather at different times, to get out and about. This included, walking into Cromer along the beach, crab fishing off the pier, return walk across the cliff tops, building sandcastles etc. on the beach, and two barbeques. Cromer was packed; I have never seen so many people out to enjoy what the town has to offer. We had to resort to eating our lunch, along with others, sitting on the church wall. Being someone, who doesn’t like crowds, it was all a bit too hectic for me but the walks, both ways, were very pleasant. Despite Cromer being busy, the photo below shows the beach, as we headed back to Overstrand, with just a few people walking along, as well as the strikingly blue sea and sky.

The new signs, which appeared on the post on the cliff, where the paths lead down to the beach, have caused much speculation on the social media group, Next Door. Nobody knows who put the signs up and there have been particular concerns over the top one, which states there is no legal thoroughfare on the cliff path going west. Also, it is not clear what section this sign refers to. Could it be the section marked as permissive, or the path that runs alongside the Golf Club, or is it a fore runner to the Golf Club trying, as it did in the past, to close the part of the path adjacent to the course? Back in December 2021, closure of the path across the golf course was an agenda item at the Parish Council meeting. At that time Peter did some research into rights of way, the results of which I included in my blog for 13th December 2021.

Today’s photos need little explanation, the view from the cliff top path and the speculative signage.


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