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Monday 18th October 2021 - Unlucky for Some, Family Visit and I Have a Chuckle

The number thirteen may be unlucky for some but not so for us. Last Wednesday, the 13th October, marked the thirteenth anniversary since we collected the keys from the estate agents in Cromer of what was to be, our new home. We arrived with a table, two chairs, inflatable bed, mower and various other bits and pieces, including all we needed to start decorating. After three weeks of toing and froing between our old home in Bucks and here, we made the move. We watched our furniture and belongings being loaded onto the removal van but most important, we collected our cat Tim who a neighbour had kindly been looking after during our period of toing and froing. I have learnt so much over the past thirteen years, about the coast, wildlife, setting up websites, self-publishing and what will and won't grow well in a coastal location. Our first visit to North Norfolk was in October 1984, with our two sons. We knew then this place was special, and despite in later years spending up to five weeks a year in Greece, we always managed to squeeze in a visit here. So glad there is no more 'squeezing' and we now live here, with the desire to roam a thing of the past.

We enjoyed having family to stay over the weekend. The weather, which has been mild for October, proved perfect on Saturday morning for a walk along the beach, stopping to look at the Banksy artwork on the sea wall, before heading on into Cromer with a stroll on the Pier, returning across the cliff tops. I started out wearing a jacket, scarf and gloves but as the temperature increased, these were removed and carried on our walk home. Unfortunately, this distance is far more than Barney can manage these days so he stayed at home but did have his usual walk first thing and then another in the afternoon. It was so nice to catch up on news, hearing about the experience of running the London Marathon, as well as having a discussion on climate change. Sunday morning came all too soon, when they returned home to prepare for the coming working week.

I did have a chuckle on Sunday afternoon, when we took Barney for a walk in the village. We spotted the signs, I mentioned in my last blog, have at long last been re-hung by Highways Dept. Was it because of what I said? I doubt it. Instead it was probably a case of the job number finally, after six months, coming to the top of the list! Originally there were three signs on this post, as can be seen in the photo in my last blog but now there are just the two, which after hanging precariously blew down. The sign for the Parish Council’s Information Point has been moved to the post adjacent to the White Horse and is pointing down Cliff Road, and not towards the Information Point, which is located next to the shop. I suppose it will be another six months before this is rectified.

Today I have two photos to share, the first taken from the cliff tops, as we walked back from Cromer on Saturday, and the second of the two re-hung signs.


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