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Monday 17th June 2024 - Dodging Showers, Mobbed by Gulls and Knitting Nancy

Going out for a walk has definitely needed good timing, to avoid the showers.  As the footpaths are probably muddy (we haven’t investigated any, so this is an assumption) we have stuck to the pavements.  This could have been boring, pacing the tarmac, but as we have walked along, I have been photographing the wild flowers along the verges and in the hedgerows.  I am going to incorporate these into my next vlog.  I have started to plan the best way to do this.  Waking up during the night, I’ve thought about the format, but it’s not long before I’m asleep again, proving this has to be better than counting sheep!


There have been disappointing numbers of swifts in the village this year.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs, they often frequent the skies above the shop on the High Street and the surrounding area.  Maybe the winds and rain have driven them further inland.  We saw a heron on the car park the other day; a quite unexpected sighting.  As it attempted take off, gulls were mobbing it.  I was hoping to get a photo but just as I took out my camera it managed to fly a bit further across the car park before finally getting air borne, flying towards the cliffs.


I’m not a knitter.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy knitting it’s a case of being very slow.  Peter will vouch for this; it took me ages to knit him a sleeveless slipover, when we were both working, for him to wear under his lab coat!  As for crochet, well forget it.  A W.I. member tried to teach me but sadly failed.  However, there is a way I can help with the Yarn Art Group’s next project.  The project is to create a decoration for the gates at St Martins church, featuring poppies; this will be used during this and coming years Poppy Appeals.  I have purchased a knitting Nancy and using this I will be able to produce a thread of different shades of green to which poppies can be attached.  I will be able to pick the knitting Nancy up when I have an idle moment and do a few rounds.  I just hope our cat Sid doesn’t decide the balls of wool are great to play with.  Many thanks to those who have responded to the appeal in my last blog and donated wool for this and further projects, any further donations will be most welcome.  For those who don’t know what a knitting Nancy is, and didn’t have one as a child, I have photographed mine to include as today’s photo.


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