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Monday 16th May 2022 - Repairs & Renovations and Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

There can be no denying that certain areas of the village have been looking decidedly dowdy and generally unkempt. Most of these are under the remit of the Parish Council but despite trying to recruit a caretaker for the village, who would take on cleaning the Parish Hall, the repairs and renovations etc. and thereafter maintain everything to a good standard, it would appear there were no applicants suitable for the position. However, a village builder, who can and does turn his hand to pretty well everything, has come to the rescue. Although I haven’t seen them, I understand the two bus shelters, which will host the Belfry School’s Diamond Platinum Jubilee artwork have received a facelift. The benches off the car park and opposite the Cliff Top Café have been painted and a rotten wooden slat replaced. One of the former telephone boxes, now a nature and geology information point at the top of Harbord Road, has been rubbed down, undercoated and repainted in the traditional telephone box red. It's good to see our village starting to look smart once again.

The Parish Council are arranging various events, to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, over the Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of June. On Thursday 2nd at 9.45 p.m. the village beacon will be lit and fireworks set off in the grounds of The Pleasaunce. In addition, there will be music and a toast to the Queen. Then on Friday 3rd the Belfry School’s artwork in the bus shelters will be officially unveiled. A Street Party, on Sunday 5th in The Londs, will round off events when there will be entertainment and lots of other things to enjoy. Posters around the village advertising both the beacon lighting and street party provide more detailed information.

Today’s photo is off the nature and geology point, in the pink!


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