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Monday 13th September 2021 - A First, Yard Sale and No Apologies

Peter and I are not ones for spectating sports and I think I can safely say we have never watched a tennis match, well certainly not from start to finish. So, it was a first for us when we watched the US Open Tennis Women’s Final between Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez on Saturday evening. We kept saying we would stop watching after the end of the next game and then the same after the end of the next game etc., until becoming so engrossed we watched it right through. I never really enjoyed playing tennis at school and I can barely remember how to score, but the game was gripping – two young women giving it their all. Of course, we were delighted when England’s player, Emma Raducanu won. I hope the fame and the money this win brings with it, won’t affect her character and I also hope she won’t be preyed on by the unscrupulous.

Judging by the numbers in the village yesterday, the Overstrand Together Yard Sale was a huge success. The weather was just about perfect; no rain and not too warm. There has been some very definite feedback on social media and I am sure the villagers who partook must be relieved to have sold and/or given away a whole host of unwanted items. We are hoping that in 2022 we will feel comfortable to join in so that our unwanted items will find new homes.

There are more events to come this month in the village, with Folk on the Strand from the 17th – 19th, and starting on the 25th there are three village artists taking part in Norfolk Open Studios. I will be posting more information about these on the Village Calendar Page.

No apologies for including another beautiful Overstrand sunrise as today’s photo.


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