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Monday 11th October 2021 - We Relent, Notices, Posters and Signs

You may remember, in my blog for 29th September, I said the gas cylinder for our BBQ ran out. One of the three options was to relent and use the cylinder kept for our ‘emergency’ gas fire, well on Friday and again on Saturday we did just that….relent. Not strictly a BBQ on Friday evening when I pan fried the first of this seasons herrings on the burner. Cooked indoors, the smell tends to permeate right through our home despite having the kitchen window open, the cooker extractor on, the Puripod air purifier turned on full and a large scented candle burning in a glass container on the dining room table! I guess in a few weeks, when it gets darker earlier and it’s colder too, I will be cooking them in the kitchen. It would be a shame to miss out on the short season when herrings are at their best; we’ll just have to put up with the pong. Saturday was a beautiful autumn day when we spent the morning gardening and in the evening it was too much of a temptation for Peter not to cook our lamb chops on the BBQ.

Out walking Barney yesterday we noted two new signs have appeared in the village. When you look around there are rather a lot of notices, posters and signage in the village. There are those erected by the County Council which are generally speed limits and directions, others have been generated by the District Council covering the car park, The Deep History Coast display, dog restrictions etc. Some have been put up by the Parish Council, most of which are on their noticeboards or in one the old telephone boxes now used for general village information and history, plus geology and wildlife data. On top of these are the posters put up by clubs, societies and groups, keeping us up to date with their activities and it won’t be too long before I will be putting up posters about this year’s British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. That’s a heck of a lot of information and data out there and I expect I have missed some. I wonder if they all get read.

There are two signs which cannot be read. These are currently tucked away at the information point waiting the County Council to come and re-fix them after they blew down from the post on the High Street with the junction of Cliff Road. We reported them to the Parish Council, on 31st December 2020, when they were dangerously hanging on their jubilee clip fixings. The Parish Clerk informed us the matter had already been reported to Norfolk County Council’s Highway Department and on 12th January, the Clerk updated us to the effect that Highways Dept. had been out, inspected and said they would be re-hung within six weeks. Following this, high winds blew them down and it would appear, fortunately without damage to anyone or any property. It is now nine months since Highways Department said they would he re-hang the signs! As the information conveyed by these signs doesn’t appeared to have been missed, it makes me wonder if they are necessary and in which case are there others which fall into the same category?

Today’s photo was taken on the last day of 2020 and shows the signs mentioned above, hanging precariously. Finally, we have visitors arriving at the end of the week, so I will be taking a break from my blogs; I’ll be back next week.


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