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Friday 8th January 2021 - A Better Year and Sorting Delay

As we progressed through towards the end of 2020, there was a general thought that 2021 would be better BUT will it be? With the country now in a third lockdown, with some different rules to the previous two, the new Covid-19 variants making their way across the country at a great rate of knots, and hospitals filling fast with an onward threat of cancellation of routine operations; things are not looking that brilliant. There has been some confusion as to when and where vaccination of North Norfolk residents will start. The most recent information suggests patients of Cromer and Mundesley surgeries, the two surgeries most likely to be used by Overstrand residents, will be given appointments at Rossis Leisure Centre on the outskirts of North Walsham and that appointments will be allocated in the order specified by NHS England. This has led to questions, on social media, as to why with Cromer Hospital’s minor injuries unit temporarily closed, why this unused area of the building cannot be used for vaccinating. This especially relates to those who are the most likely to be the first invited for vaccination e.g. vulnerable and over 80’s, who may face problems getting to Rossis, which has been pointed out, isn’t on the Cromer to North Walsham bus route. Mmmmmm……not a great start to 2021.

Anyone who has the privilege of owning a cat, or should I say being owned by a cat, will know they often change their habits. After Christmas, Sid really took to an Amazon gift sack. He spent hours behind the settee in it, either asleep or playing with his catnip Christmas present. This worked well; I could shut the door between the lounge and upstairs, enabling me to freely scramble about in the roof space and continue sorting. But it’s all change, Sid now prefers being upstairs, sleeping on top of the laundry basket or under the wall mirror or sitting on the windowsill watching the world go by. As our upstairs living is open plan there is no way I can restrict him and I daren’t continue sorting in case he decides to explore the roof space and disappear into an area I can’t easily reach. I certainly don’t imagine retrieving him whilst crawling on my hands and knees would be an easy task, so until Sid finds another favourite place my sorting will be restricted to when he is out and about which in the current cold conditions, isn’t very often. In the meantime, I have found plenty of other things to do.

Today’s photo was taken as we walked along the prom, just before high tide, when the waves were rolling in and a lone gull sat perched on one of the groynes. I wonder where his mates had all gone.


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