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Friday 5th March 2021 - What a Grey Day, New Blood and Re-openings

We were definitely spoilt towards the end of February with warmth and sunshine. This week has been totally different; we have been locked in grey. When opening blinds and curtains in the mornings we could not be blamed for exclaiming; what a grey day! Not only grey but cold too, so little encouragement for the plants in my greenhouse to revive, that is if they are going to at all.

Has anything exciting been happening in the village? Well, it seems from the social group Nexdoor that we have a number of new residents who have moved in over the past few months. They are providing the village with some, as the saying goes, new blood. They all sound enthusiastic as they settle into their new homes and village life. The White Horse have posted on Facebook their opening hours after lockdown eases on 12th April and in passing, the chef at the Cliff Top Café who at the time was extending his skills to fence painting, told us they will be opening for outside service only on 12th April. The Sea Marge has yet to post their re-opening plans. But of course, opening all depends on how things pan out with Covid-19 over the coming weeks. The media reported yesterday, there are large areas where cases are still rising and although the Government’s plan was, for the country as whole to come out of lockdown as a nation, there are indications that, if needs must, measures could be imposed on a local basis, once again putting a threat on travel and holidays may have to be cancelled. Oh dear, that does sound rather depressing – sorry about that.

I took a couple of photos this morning as we walked down The Londs but I have decided these are too grey and what we need is; to see some blue skies. Instead, I have chosen a shot I took a few weeks ago of the lookout, which borders The Londs, on The Pleasaunce’s estate. I have been told this was built by Lady Florence Battersea (not literally!) for her husband Lord Battersea, Cyril Flowers, following him being offered and turning down the position of Governor of New South Wales. Lady Battersea did not want to go to Australia and leave her mother behind; this was the reason why the post was turned down. The lookout tower provided Lord Battersea with views both inland and out to sea. It is also said that, Lady Battersea later regretted influencing her husband’s decision.


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