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Friday 4th September 2020 - Breath-Taking, Still Time and Who Flicked the Switch?

There really can’t be a much better way of starting the new month, and the start of meteorological autumn, than with a breath-taking sunrise. This was exactly what greeted us as we headed towards the prom on Tuesday morning, and needless to say, I took a number of photos (two included here) as the skyscape changed before the sun was full up above the cloud line.

We may be heading for autumn but as far as the damselflies are concerned, there is still time for a bit of procreation. Peter drew my attention to a couple in our Portugal laurel, locked together forming what is termed as a wheel which also looks like a heart. We are keeping our fingers crossed the female deposited her eggs in our pond and if she did, the local frogs don’t eat the nymphs before metamorphosis takes place and a new generation of damselflies emerge. I took care, zooming in with my camera, so as not to disturb the couple.

Majority of school children returned for the new school year on Wednesday. Here in the village, it was almost as though someone had flicked a switch because immediately there was a considerable drop in the numbers coming to the beach. There were very few on the sands this afternoon, indicative of not only a change in the season but also a time when we see more walkers coming to enjoy beautiful North Norfolk.


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