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Friday 21st June 2024 - I May Not Need Them, Strawberry Tea, More Sellers and Sainfoin

At long last, it looks as though summer has arrived.  I am not suggesting the weather change has anything to do with me but it has coincided with my order of two new summer jumpers arriving.  Since then, the weather has perked up and I may not need the jumpers after all.


On Wednesday afternoon, former members of Overstrand WI met up for strawberries and cream (and wine too) at the home of one of our ExWI group.  Sat in their courtyard, time soon passed as we chatted and exchanged news.  Strawberry tea was a tradition of our WI in the month of June, often preceded by a walk.  It’s good we have been able to carry on this tradition. 


The weather brought more sellers to the car boot sale on Thursday than we have ever remember seeing in June.  Usually, we don’t see three rows of stalls until after the schools have finished for the summer break.  I am looking for a couple of items but didn’t find either, (but I did buy a plant) maybe I will find them at the village Yard Sale this Sunday.


We enjoyed a walk along the back of the allotments and along a field edge in the afternoon.  As well as looking at the wild flowers, we chatted to a fellow vegetable gardener, heading for their allotment armed with a hoe to tackle the weeds.  In amongst the wild flowers were a number of sainfoins in flower.  This plant is one of the legume family and features as today’s photo.


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