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Friday 20th March 2020 - Buckinghamshire and ........ Coronavirus

On the 6th March I started my journey to Bucks from Cromer rail station on one of the new Greater Anglian’s very impressive trains. A change at Norwich, staying on Greater Anglian, and on to London’s Liverpool Street before taking the tube to Paddington and onwards to the station nearest my mother’s home. Yes, the journey takes longer than driving, but it’s infinitely less stressful. As a past advert said, ‘Let the train take the strain’. During the days I was with my mum, I saw a steady decline in her ability to cope with day to day life. When she became unable to get upstairs to her bedroom and bathroom, I knew the decision to secure a room in a home had been the right one. Settling in will take some time, especially as she has lived in the same house (the house my granddad built for my newly married Mum and Dad) for just under seventy years. I have returned home knowing she is in a safe place, in a home with an excellent rating and where all her needs should be satisfied. Given the current situation, it was fortunate she was able to move in before the home went into lockdown.

The phrase ‘the current situation’ brings me on to Coronavirus. Whilst in Bucks I closely monitored the measures gradually being rolled out by the government, just in case a restriction or closure was imposed on public transport. Yes, Peter would have come and picked me up; otherwise it would have been a pretty long walk back! Fortunately, I was home before a number of the tube stations closed. It is difficult to know what to say about Coronavirus, which is sweeping across the world. We are told, the most vulnerable sectors of the population, are the elderly and those with underlying conditions. As this is a totally new and formerly unknown virus, it is impossible to judge whether the restrictions being imposed will have the desired effect on controlling its spread and the number of deaths. One thing which is extremely sad is, reading reports warning people of virus related scams. I think we all need to ask ourselves, should the case arise, is the phone call we have received genuine, is the volunteer who is delivering groceries, prescriptions etc. to our doorstep a legitimate helper and so on……. As far as helpers delivering groceries, they need to consider receiving the payment for the goods and the possible implications that brings. Oh, why can’t things be straightforward!

My return to Overstrand has cemented even further, what a wonderful part of the UK we live in. I have appreciated even more, our walks with Barney on the beach, along the cliff tops and on the paths and tracks inland. I have noticed a number of changes in our garden, for a start the hyacinths are in bloom and on the field edges the pussy willows have broken and the blackthorn blossom is opening.


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