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Friday 17th April 2020 - Wait and Pleasantly Quiet

As a result of Covid-19 the post is understandably taking longer to arrive. This and Easter Bank holidays, has had a direct result on when I could start sorting out my Mum’s estate. I spent a number of hours on Tuesday and Wednesday on the phone and online, advising the various organisations of her passing. I particularly wanted to talk to her bank and to do so I had to wait for around forty five minutes before my call was answered. After a bad experience, when my Dad died, with the branch of a building society which provided incorrect information, I have learnt by experience to contact organisations using their direct bereavement line. I must add; it was not exactly the fault of the branch staff, they had simply not been trained in bereavement matters. It was all sorted in the end, but what should have taken weeks ended up carrying on over several months. By Wednesday afternoon, I had done all I could and it is now a case of waiting for responses on matters that could not be completed fully online or over the phone.

Now for the village, which has been pleasantly quiet. No humming in the background from cars, the only engine sound has been from mowers and the occasional plane passing overhead. We haven’t even had to put up with the stunt plane which annoys so many residents on sunny days (I hope I haven’t spoken too soon!). There was noise from cheering and banging pans, in appreciation of the NHS workers, on Thursday. Unfortunately, someone saw fit to set off fireworks at the same time. One was fine but several later, there was a general feeling this was a bit over the top. With no prior warning, it showed no consideration for those whose pets get into a state of anxiety when fireworks are let off. On Friday, we noted the railings across the entrance to the car park had gone but the notice stating the car park was closed was still in place. Peter contacted NNDC, who confirmed the car park is still closed and they would act immediately. The red and white tape round the seating on Deep History Coast information point and benches had also been removed. Later in the day the original gate was pulled across the car park entrance and padlocked. The benches and seats were not re-taped. This may be because a couple of villagers have expressed, they need to sit and have a breather when taking their daily walk.

Well that’s all for today. The photo was taken on one of our walks with Barney, when the sea was bathed in the early morning sunshine. Despite the mornings being chilly (I am still wearing a winter jacket and gloves), it has soon warmed up when the sun is fully up in the sky. This has made the last few days good for getting out in the garden. Take care all and stay safe.


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