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Friday 16th September 2022 - Music Room and September Sunrises

Overstrand WI may have closed but that hasn’t stopped the former members, Ex-WI as we call ourselves, meeting up once a month for tea, cake and a catch-up. Up to now, we have met at the Potting Shed Café in the Garden Centre where we have enjoyed a range of sweet and savouries, with their scones proving to be a favourite with several of our group. However, after hearing about the new Music Room Café at the Belfry Centre (see my blog for 8th September), it was decided to change our venue this month. We were not disappointed, on our arrival Julie re-organised the tables and chairs so we could all sit together, cakes were chosen and Julie brought large pots of tea to our table, plus soft drinks were served to those who preferred a cold drink. Julie had a busy afternoon as not only was there our group, plus some couples in the courtyard but Tim Bennett wound up his guided history walk of the village at the café with those who had been on the walk, along with Tim and his ‘assistant’ Martin, all sitting outside to enjoy their refreshments.

I always think the month of September provides us with spectacular sunrises. This year, now we don’t have Barney and have varied slightly the time we set off for our morning walk, I am sure we have missed some stunning skies but on Wednesday morning we were privileged to see three changes, as the sun made its way up ‘out of the sea’. I have included photos of all three changes. After such a good summer and start to the month, today has been a bit of a shock with daytime temperatures having dropped nearly 10°C, with accompanying gusty winds and heavy showers. The winds are set to drop during the early hours of tomorrow and the heavy showers should diminish, so the weekend should be more hospitable for those, who like us, enjoy a walk.


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