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Friday 14th October 2022 - Prime Minister's Scapegoat, Curryoke, Poppyland Radio and the Beach

He’s gone! I am referring to Kwasi Kwarteng, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who after only thirty-eight days has been relieved of his position. The media has suggested, he is the Prime Minister’s scapegoat, following a disastrous mini budget, which allegedly they drew up together. What a mess the country is in with spiralling costs and a government, who appears to have lost control of the economy. I have just finished listening to Liz Truss’ press conference where she didn’t answer the questions but kept on repeating the same old blurb about her economic vision, eventually leaving the conference after only receiving questions from four members of the press. Maybe she had a car waiting for her to take her to Chequers for the weekend, where perhaps she plans to write her resignation.

Enough of that, let’s get back to Overstrand where last Friday’s Curryoke at the Belfry Centre was a total success. According to North Norfolk News the evening raised £1200 which will go towards heating the centre over the coming winter. Great news for Poppyland Radio, who are finalists in this year’s Community Radio Awards. The radio’s Managing Director, Paul Hensby, on Facebook and on North Norfolk News’ website, has extended his thanks to everyone involved in the station which only started broadcasting in February this year.

Going back to my last blog, on Tuesday I made a start getting the garden ready for winter. I say the garden, but I mainly look after the flower side, with Peter in control of the vegetable plot. I have now lifted geraniums, potted them and put under the protection of the glass of the greenhouse. I have also pulled out some of the summer bedding plants and in their place, planted some of the pansies and bellis daisies that I have grown from seed, and also added more bulbs to the borders. I still have more to do but I am taking my time – it has been so nice to be outside in the autumn sunshine, there’s been no pressure to rush.

We had an enjoyable walk on the beach the other afternoon. It was low tide with swathes of sand and a flint bed had been revealed. I have interspersed some of the photos I took within this blog – what a beautiful place we live in.


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