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Friday 12th June - Keep Wishing, Flaming June and Unenviable Position

We are still wishing for some serious warmth. Very pleasant on Tuesday, resulting in lots getting done in the garden but since then; not so good. Yesterday, it rained from midday onwards and accompanied with a rise in temperature, the inevitable happened – we woke up this morning to a sea fret. Not the best sights to wake up to, especially as it did not fully clear and lurked all day. The forecast for the weekend looks good with a further rise in temperature accompanied by sun. It had jolly well better be right as I have bought meat ready for the BBQ!

This month is often referred to as ‘flaming June’ but when I googled this, the first page of the listings was devoted entirely to a painting with this name. Not exactly what I was expecting but I did learn something new. When I expanded the search to ‘flaming June weather meaning’, up came what I was looking for. In general we should expect wet weather during this month, with one site describing June as a damp squib. But then why call it flaming, unless of course it should be used in its other context, as an emphasis to express annoyance.

As lockdown eases, I become less easy with the situation. It is very difficult to judge whether the Government is taking the right actions. One thing for sure is; Boris Johnson’s job as Prime Minister has got to be the most unenviable position in the country. Whatever he and his Minister’s do is bound to be wrong in somebody’s eyes. At local level, and following the Government’s easing of lockdown, the District Council have erected signs about social distancing and not sitting on the promenade. The latter, is not something we see here in Overstrand but is certainly relevant to Cromer where beach huts directly front the promenade.


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