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29th June 2022 - Forgot, Successful Day and New Fencing

When I said ‘Forgot’ in the heading of this blog, I am referring to me forgetting to update on the renovation of the clock tower in the grounds of The Pleasaunce. It was back in March when I mentioned renovations had commenced. The tower has been looking very smart for a few weeks now with its new coat of paint and repairs to the glazing. At one point it was said, due to lack of funds, the side facing The Londs would be left as it was but for whatever reason this too has received a lick of paint, to match in with the other three sides. In my photo, the tower looks as though it is leaning. Not the case at all, I think it is down to the fact I took it standing on the road which is not entirely level.

We had a very successful yard sale on Sunday. Our aim was to keep prices low so as to generate as many sales as possible, to provide us with a good sum to donate to FAITH Animal Rescue. This worked well and I am sure FAITH will be appreciative of our donation, but first we have a couple of items which I am going to try to sell privately and boost the donation even further.

It is good to see the perimeter of the Sports Field, which was a bit of a mess after the removal of the hedging, is now being fenced. The new fence is being kept to the same height as the adjoining fence, so will not look out of place. I have not seen this type of fencing, with metal slotted posts; it will be interesting to see the final results on completion.


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